Did I Say That?

Suzette Brawnerattitude, kids growing up, parenting

If you want a glimpse of real life, watch kids.  No doubt they keep things real, no pretenses, no faking it.  They ask honest questions and call life as they see it. Somewhere along the way kids figure out it’s often best to just stay quiet and listen. I remember Mom explaining that was being tactful … just thinking, but … Read More

Black Cars

Suzette Brawnerattitude

I don’t know much about cars.  Most of the time when asked what kind of car I drive, I say, “Black”.  The thought of looking for a car, comparing all the prices and gas mileage equations, then haggling with the sales force makes me need a nap. I’m really not choosy about what I drive, mostly because of my lack … Read More

One Moment Please…

Suzette Brawnerattitude

 The next time I call customer service, especially for utility companies,   I’m going to take a couple of laps up and down the street then pause for deep breathing and stretching before I pick up the phone. I might roll with the call a little calmer if I warm up before.  What I always think will be quick, turns … Read More

The Roundabout

Suzette Brawnerattitude, roundabout, traffic, Walmart

Traffic tops the list of things I really don’t like. That green plastic Easter grass now available in assorted pastels, roaches, mice, and losing Jim Brawner in Walmart finish out the top five.  Cell phones have lowered the losing Jim Brawner in Walmart to #5.  The only reason it’s still on the list is he sometimes doesn’t answer, which makes … Read More

Suzette Brawnerattitude, auto repair, minor adjustments

It was only a small spot on the garage floor, but then it grew. At first I thought it was condensation from the air conditioner, but water dripping from the car isn’t usually black and slick. Immediately I had a $1,500.00 bill rung up in my head for repairs to a cracked whatever or worn-out something. When Art himself from … Read More