Welcome 2010

Suzette Brawner2010, January 1, new

The first day of a new year is enchanting. It’s full of hope and endless possibilities. New and unspoiled … like looking out on fresh snow before people and dogs have tramped through it and messed it up. Then life happens. The hot water heater meets a sudden and untimely death. An irritating head cold sneaks through layers of hand sanitizer. A friend disappoints. A job is lost. A loved one dies. The pure, serene snow scene begins to look more like a broken snow globe. But that’s real life. The challenge is to enjoy it regardless.

I’m blogging through the year. Let’s encourage one another to step on top of the debris we encounter every day, learn from it, and have fun in spite of it. I don’t want to hear myself saying, “It was a bad day”. How sad! Clearly some days are much more challenging than others, but “a bad day”, I don’t think so. We have the day. It’s a gift. Say thanks, be grateful and push on. Happy New Year! It’s going to be a surprising.