Tonsils, Umbrellas, and Self-Checkout

Suzette BrawnerGeneral

Some things will always be a mystery and it only uses up valuable energy and brain space straining to figure them out. No matter how hard I try, I will never understand things like why we have an appendix and tonsils, why it rains when the umbrella is in the car, and why Wal-Mart calls two of their checkout areas express and self.

The other day I was once again in the self-checkout line with six items. I always challenge myself to see if I can complete the process without having the blue vest lady smirky smile at me as she scans her card to straighten out what I mess up.

As I started the process, someone behind me tried to get my attention. When I turned around to see what she needed, I realized it was the scanner talking to me in Spanish. Dang it! I hit the wrong button. Now the challenge was really on to conquer this without the blue vest lady. My Spanish is limited. I only know important things like “Good Morning”, “Good Bye”, and “Where is the bathroom?” and none of that would help me now. I was on my own.

I took my time, squinted hard, and did it! When the receipt spit out I must have said “Whoo Hoo!” a bit louder than I thought. The two ladies at the next scanner were doubled over laughing. Glad I could entertain the tourists from Iowa.

As I ran to the car in the rain, I laughed too knowing my umbrella was in the back seat and thought about that Chuck Swindoll quote, “Ten percent of life is what happens to us. Ninety percent is how we react to it.” I want to spend my 90% laughing more instead of frustrated trying to find answers that will never come. How about you?