The Trap

Suzette BrawnerChristmas Tree, comparison, cookies, first grade, traps

There’s just something about glue and glitter that brings creative out in even the most linear thinkers.  In first grade one of my proudest moments was presenting Mom the Christmas tree I’d designed at school.  It was the second draft.  I thought the first one was signature worthy until I looked around the table.  At six I learned about the danger of comparison.  Just catching a glance of Anne and Wesley’s trees sent the first draft under my desk.

Then I grew up, sort of.  I caught myself comparing all kinds of Christmas everything the other day.  And I wonder why I clench my teeth.  It’s such a trap.  Comparing my shoes or my hair is like stepping on a mouse trap, maybe even bare footed if it’s really good hair on one of my bad hair days.  But Christmas traps …. those are like the ones in old Tarzan movies where holes are covered with tree branches hiding the trap for an unsuspecting bad guy or tiger. You’re minding your own business and BOOM you’re at the bottom of the pit declaring your cookies with never be good enough.

How can we get so off course?  I suppose it’s because there’s so much to compare this time of year.  I’d imagine it makes Jesus sad watching all the silliness.  Take a minute today to remember why we decorate and bake anyway.