Taking It For Granted At The DMV

Suzette BrawnerGeneral

barber-shop-customer-1543319Sometimes I think “Talk To Me” is written across my forehead. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I make eye contact and ask the obligatory “How are you?” not really expecting a history of the last five years. Who am I kidding? I’ve poured my heart out to the cashier at the Super Center.

Waiting in a long line at the license bureau, I was catching up on email when an older man in faded overalls turned around and said, “I see you’re making wise use of your time. Because of all this newfangled technology people take it for granite everything is fast. But not in here.”

I looked up and said, “Excuse me?”

He said it again. “People take fast for granite.”

I smiled, “You’re right”, as I frantically Googled what I thought was the term, granted. Had I been saying it wrong all this time? I exhaled when I read granted, as in your wish has been granted or extended to you. Taking it for granted is assuming it will be given to you.

I did read some British terminology includes “taking it for granite’ meaning mistaking something false for something real. However, judging from his accent, I think my new friend at the DMV was originally from Arkansas, not London.

We all take so much for granted; family, home, freedom, jobs, friends, our health. I don’t think we intentionally do it; we just get busy and forget to look up.

I was at the hair salon day before yesterday texting with my friend whose husband is in the hospital and my friend whose husband just moved in with Jesus when I my eyes started leaking. I pulled it together before it got too messy. On top of hurting for my friends, I think I was sad because suddenly realized I take my health and Jim Brawner for granted.

My Daddy used to say, “If you have your health you have everything.” I get it now. The other day my friend Bill said, “You know we all take a lot for granted, especially our health. I suppose we take things for granted until they are no longer granted.” That needs to be on a t-shirt.

I really want to be more aware, purposeful, and intentional with each day. I think we all do. Seasons come and go, things come and go, and people come and go. I guess we shouldn’t take anything for granted or granite. We’re fooled either way.