A Beautiful View

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A couple of weeks ago my friend Kathy sent me a funny and sad at the same time picture. Two women were having lunch at a nice restaurant totally captivated by their phone screens instead of each other’s company and conversation. Her text read, “Let’s meet for lunch so we can sit and stare at our phones.” I was having … Read More

Sally Dog and Tic-Tacs

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A few weeks ago I drove two hours to have a three-hour lunch with my friend Sharon. We see each other every five or ten years or so. We discussed kids and work and the college guys we married and are still hanging on to. There was a whole lot of laughing and a little bit of eating. We promised, … Read More

Good Friends, Perfect People and Dog Poop

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One of my first friends in school was Anne. She had it all together, even in first grade. Her papers were perfect, she made A’s in everything, she had the best handwriting in the class, and she always smiled. My first feelings of being inadequate showed up when I was six years old. In mid September I got a new … Read More

Think About What You’re Thinking About

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Statistics show positive and negative thoughts can’t occupy brain space at the same time.  If that’s not a real stat I think it should be.  I’ve done my own not-so-scientific research and results always prove this; thoughts and words are either on a positive track or a negative track, but never on both tracks at the same time. Like a … Read More

Peace, Love, And All That

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Pat’s name came up in a discussion the other day.  She’s a friend I don’t see very often, but when I do, I always wish I could spend more time with her.  She makes me smile. Several years ago I was all wound up about who knows what when we met for lunch.  After listening to me vent for 10 … Read More