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There is something so humbling about learning a valuable lesson from your kids. When mine say simple yet profound things, I tend to nod knowingly while happy dancing in my mind. Jason took Alison on an hour drive to a fun restaurant recently. I asked what the occasion was. And his answer made me smile … big. He explained they … Read More

Competition and Hair Maintenance

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I’m not much of a game player. I think it all started in college when the definition of Date Night was spending three intense hours playing cards or a board game with other newlyweds. When you put three or four university football players around the table with their wives for a friendly game of Spoons or Coup Fourré the competition … Read More

The Best Way To Say No

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“No.” “Nope.” “Never.” “Not going to happen.” These are powerful and discouraging words depending on if you’re saying them or hearing them. Every day we have to say “No” to employees, kids, contractors, clients, and the Girl Scouts and their cookies. We’re also on the receiving end of “No” and we don’t like it. It can be frustrating and sometime … Read More

Dive Under Or Ride It In

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                                                                                                       Photo credit:ahisgett (creative comons) When I was growing up, … Read More