Right Or Left?

Suzette BrawnerGeneral

Hey ____________, so good to see you again! Those little peel and stick nametags have helped me save face more times than I can remember … unless they’re curled up on a lapel or have fallen off. Once I wore John Bailey’s nametag on the seat of my pants for an afternoon. I don’t even know a John Bailey.

Now when I see nametags stuck on random body parts, I’m quick to let the wearer know. I think it should be the same common courtesy as the toilet paper-stuck-on-the-foot notification. A few years ago I told a woman at a booksellers convention her nametag had slipped way down on her chest. She was quick to correct me, “No, I put it there on purpose.” So much for being helpful.

The biggest question concerning nametags is which side, right or left? The right side wins and for a good reason. When you shake hands with someone it’s easier for them to see your nametag, right hand to right shoulder. The right is right. Now you know.