January 2

Suzette Brawnerchristmas decorations, organized

Every year, while digging through boxes of lights and ornaments the weekend after Thanksgiving, I promise myself I’ll put the Christmas decorations away labeled and in order after the 1st. I never keep that promise. I’m in such a hurry to get the house cleaned up; I randomly pack things wherever they fit in the storage tubs. My plans are well intended in November, but are always renegotiated in January.

I have friends who color code everything with one of those little guns that spits out labels. I used to be envious of their efficiency. But I’ve decided decorating is probably a little robotic and boring for the overly organized. They miss out on the joy of rediscovering a 1980’s ornament that’s been hidden in the bottom of a box for 5 years. Or they don’t get the opportunity to uncover a handmade ornament with a child’s grinning, toothless second grade picture on it. Yesterday, when I was packing things away, I realized those little surprises are what I look forward to when I pull down the boxes after Black Friday.

The lights are rolled up and the ornaments are in the tubs and things are back to normal, whatever that is. This year in November I’m not going to complain that I got in a hurry in January. I think I’ll relax as I untangle things and just simply enjoy the decorating process.