Cracker Jacks and Hot Yoga


Cracker Jacks and Hot Yoga


crackerI was honored to be the junior bridesmaid for my aunt when I was nine. Part of my responsibilities was to help with my five-year-old cousin, Gary, the ring bearer, and my six-year-old brother, Russ, the ribbon cutter. I still question why they gave him scissors.

After walking the aisle and cutting the ribbons for the families, Russ sat down in the front row. Gary, however, had to stand with the wedding party for the whole ceremony. About midway through the “Do you takes”, Gary, fidgeting and pulling at his itchy bow tie, started throwing the ring pillow in the air. The look on his face screamed, “I can’t do this any longer!!” At least he didn’t have scissors.


Sensing Gary’s pain, in one of those loud whispers heard everywhere, Russ leaned forward and said, “Hang on Gary! After this we’re going to get Cracker Jacks. I had failed as a junior bridesmaid.


Yesterday 45 minutes into an hour hot yoga class, I started fidgeting. Every muscle in my body was questioning my sanity and my mind started up with, “I can’t do this any longer!” Then I remembered in 15 minutes there would be a hot shower and dinner … kind of like Cracker Jacks. I made it through!


We all need something to look forward to when we’re in uncomfortable and trying places in our lives. It gives us hope for better times. Find your Cracker Jacks and press on.