How to Wait Well

Suzette BrawnerElvis, impatience, patience, persevere, press on, wait

In school, along with English 101 and American History, How To Wait Well should be required. I’m not sure the title is proper or correct, but if it was called How To Be A Good Waiter, things could get real confusing. I’ll admit, I stink when it comes to being gracious when waiting is involved. Recently, though, Droid kept me … Read More

Customer Service

Suzette Brawnercustomer service, fast food, patience

I’ve never worked in customer service, but I’ve been a customer … thousands of places. That has to count for something. I have a great idea, but it seems the old fashioned suggestion box, like to face to face communication, is no longer the norm. I read an article the other day that recommended if you want to communicate with … Read More